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Hello all: I cannot seem to access the thesaurus entries for a word in the Dictionary app using Voiceover on Mavericks. Prior to Mavericsks, I could use VO + left-arrow or VO + right arrow to move through the different entries. Anyone know of a workaround? Thanks, mani



Submitted by JimInTexas on Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi! If I type a word into the search box and then select thesaurus, the word appears in a table. Just to the right of that is an html area that I interacted with and all the word choices appeared for me there. Hope I understood your question. Jim

Submitted by JimInTexas on Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi Mani! There is a group of radio buttons and one of those is thesaurus. If I use voiceover to navigate to those buttons and then press vo-space on the one that says thesaurus then the words will appear in the html area of the app. If this is not what you mean let me know. I'm curious now. Jim

Hello Jim: I can get the thesaurus entries using the radio button. The problem is I cannot see the synonymson the HTML content. So I need to interact with the HTML content and navigate through it using the VO + arrow keys. This is broken for the thesaurus entries only. The dictionary entries are fine. If I am not clear you can PPM me and we can discuss this further. Thanks for looking into this. mani

Submitted by Mani on Thursday, February 12, 2015

This bug is finally fixed in OS X 10.10.2. Thank you Apple!