What is jailbreaking?

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Ok, this may sound a bit stupid, but, i have never jailbroke any of my devices, so i have no clue what is jailbreaking for. If someone could explain it to me. What are the advantages and disadvantages ? And how do i go about jailbreaking my device? Could i do it on my own? And do i lose the data on my device in the process? Thank u guys!



Submitted by Kyle on Sunday, November 3, 2013

a jail brake is the act of downloading and installing a custom script that hacks and takes advantage of the IOS operating system in order to open up the operating system for customization. you get the script, or jail brake, from a third party. evaci0n, or i think its evasion jail brake is there name, does a good job of that. i would be very careful from getting jail brakes from other people. as you are basicly installing it to your phone, anything can happen. you need a computer with itunes fore this. you get the file from the third party people and you install it to your phone. its not as simple as that, but it almost is. you let it run and it basicly installs by its self. you do have to do little things here and there, but its very simple. a bit nerve racking the first time, but if you follow the steps, nothing should go wrong. once everything is downloaded, you get a new appstore called cidia. this allows you to download tweeks, themes, and apps to customize your phone i can't get into all the stuff you can do with a jail brake, because i'd be typing this for the next 50 years. lol. i said that it is a simple process, however, things can go wrong. it could make your device unstable and crash, it can do funny things to your device, and it can brick your device. there are very real risks with jail braking, and you should research those in full before make the decission to jail brake. i for one unjail broke my device because voice over would crash on me way to often and i had no way to turn it back on. i have a 4s and the default was that the triple click home wasn't set to be voice over, so i had to get sighted help to turn it back on. i will probably jail brake when the IOS 7 jail brake comes out because you can ask siri now to turn voice over on. however i would like a few bugs to be squashed first, if and when that ever will happen. lol. hoepfully this helped you.