iPad external keyboard integration

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Hi all, This is quite possible a post that shows I am not Apple Savvy.. When using my iPad with a bluetooth external keyboard I would like the following experience: 1. The field that I am entering text into to be zoomed and centralised 2. As I type the focus to remain with the cursor 3. option to speak characters and words as typed, without invoking voiceover. Anyone know how I can get the above experience? It could be a combination of settings or apps. The reason I would prefer NOT to use voiceover in this experience is because I find that I need to jump around the screen it is much easier to do with a single fingle than using three when the iPad is 'proped' up to work a bit like having a touch screen laptop I suppose too many fingers tends to lead to pushing the screen rather than simply gliding the finger over the surface. Thanks Paul



Submitted by Woody on Monday, October 28, 2013

Have you tried the following? Go to the Apple Menu to System Preferences, to Accessibility, select Zoom, then locate, "Zoom follows the keyboard focus."Then, check the box. This works well when using an app like TextEdit. Hope this is of some help. P.S. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this ,feature. I've been trying to get Apple to add a shortcut for some months now, but to no avail. I am aware of one other person who has been after Apple to add that shortcut for years. Maybe one day?