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aloha, new to apple and 4s here goes. when text messeging, emailing or putting anything into the edit field..and you discover you made a slight mistake..perhaps one letter too many or just plain blew it.. does anyone know of how to g



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Some of the techniques I use when editing are the following: Swiping up and down allows you to move your cursor and this will tell you what letter you are currently on. Can't remember if up is to the left and down mores the cursor the right? Regardless, it will move one letter at a time with each swipe movement you make. From here you can delete a character or add a character Lastly generally there is usually a Clear Text button just right of the text box by swiping to the right. This may take some practice and perhaps other here may know of an easier way than what I've mentioned or suggestions. Hope that works for you.