TRAILER FOR papasangre2 available on youtube

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Hi all, as the subject says a trailer for papasangre2 is now available on youtube. However from an audio point of view its a bit rubbish, I know its a mainstream game that is going to be accessible, but all the trailer is is a bit of whispering and a guy saying hello. I will probably buy this game when it comes out because I played the first one and enjoyed it, but I certainly wouldn't buy it just based on this trailer, its only about 50 seconds, and quite a bit of that is silence so I presume its showing some sort of creepy video. Anyway for those who want to listen the youtube link is below, and I will be interested to know if other people agree with me that the trailer is less than engaging for those of us with no vision at all. I am sure the game will be good as the first one was, I just feel it doesn't do the game audio justice which is a real shame. Perhaps I have been spoiled by listening to the excellent trailer for freeq, now that was a trailer that sold me a game and persuaded me to buy it. link is



Submitted by Clare Page on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hi! I've just heard this short trailer for Papa Sangre II myself, and I agree it's not very inspiring as far as audio goes. However, I follow the developers of Papa Sangre on Twitter, and, when they posted a link to this "teaser trailer" as they called it, they said in the tweet that a full trailer will be coming up later. The full trailer should be far more interesting to us, I hope so anyway!

Hi: Content wise, I'd agree with you that this is not that informative. However, if you listened to this with headphones, the audio sound effects are really pretty impressive. In my mind, they are more impressive than the original Papa Sangre.