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Well, I've heard everyone talking so much about the new iOS7 and the bugs in it, I am curious about the other really important event this week. I believe the new iPhones came out today. Am I right? If so, has anyone gotten the new 5s? Impressions? Thoughts on using the new security sensor? Do the same bugs reported in iOS7 react the same way on the 5s and the 5C?



Submitted by Mr Potato Head on Friday, September 20, 2013

I took a 5s for a test drive today, and didn't see anything that would justify upgrading from my 5. Yes, it might be a little faster, but in everyday use I doubt that I would notice this. So, that just leaves the finger print sensor. Yes, it's cool and a little bit tempting, but on its own it's not enough to justify what would be quite a significant expense (I only buy unlocked from Apple, as this always works out cheaper over the period of ownership. Well, for me it does, anyway). As for the 5c, it's a 5 in a plastic case, so as far as I am concerned that would make it a downgrade for me. However, if you currently have a 3GS, 4 or 4S, I suspect that things might get a little bit more tempting (smiles)

Yes today started selling iPhones at most of the retailers and apple Store I went earlier at neair carier store I asked about iPhone 5S Unfortunally just they had color black but I ordered one specific color and sice I am now on waiting list The iPhone 5S looks the same as iPhone 5 but internal is faster processor better Camera and Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor, That I heard this morning this feature only work for apps who come by default by apple actually I had an iPhone 5 color black About voiceover on iOS7 bugs David Goodwin posted a comment this morning and said that iPhone 5S running iOS7.01 showed the same bugs. About iPhone 5C is the replacement of iPhone 5 but other material (plastic), and many colors Blue, Green, white, pink and Yellow The iPhone 5C offer better and faster LTE conpair at iPhone 5 It offer Up to 100 Mb this notable when use safari or download apps The 5C32Gb, on color Yellow now will ship up to 2 Weeks Looks as many people are interested on it.

Submitted by Santiago on Saturday, September 21, 2013

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The only thing that slightly annoys me is the VoiceOver lag on iOS 7. Is this also the case with the 5S?

Submitted by Jahmal on Sunday, September 22, 2013

I aquired an iPhone 5S yesterday, the day that they came out at around 11:15 Am mountain at a Verizon Wireless store. That being said, now that I've had it for over 24 hours, here's my impression. Touch ID workkks 100% of the time, and voiceover does nicely when setting it up for the first time. It tells you when to place your finger on the touch ID and when to lift it, as well as when touch ID is ready for use. I noticed IOS7 is a bit faster then it was on my 5. Yes, some bugs are still present in IOS7.01 for the iPpphone 5s. I think the iPhone5S is a tremendous device, and would recommend it to people who are wanting to upgrade. Just a tip on cases though, don't get a case that protects the screen unless it is specifically supported by the 5s. The reason I say this is because of the touch ID sensor being on the home button, anything that covers the home button that is not made for the 5S will make the touch ID not work.