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what can i use to play audio on my mac, besides flash?



Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this… Flash is the format of content found on the Internet think YouTube videos and the like… Maybe you can try rephrasing your question? If in fact you are referring to flash content on the Internet… Apple devices are designed to work smoother with the predecessor to flash known as HTML5. But much of the Internet is still in the era of flash and it is a gradual evolution to HTML5. At this point iDevices don't even support flash content. Be well, Greg

Submitted by chad nezat on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sorry I didn't mean to be so vague, thanks for telling me about HTML5. But what about anything else that asked me to install Adobe flash? Such as Rhapsody, or Spotify. Is chrome my only other option? Because I tried to play rhapsody and chrome, and chrome keeps crashing. Thank you for your help.

No problem… It happens. I have tried Google Chrome before… And for the most part it worked fine but I did experience would you describe two an extent… When I visited some websites to view flash content Chrome wood just crash like that. I am not sure of other third-party flash players you could install… As I have only used Adobe myself… But if the content you are viewing or listening to on the web is flash You are going to have to install some sort of flash player. I think Adobe is pretty much standard, and it's really not so bad. If you want to watch any sort of YouTube video… You are going to have to install Adobe flash player. YouTube is working on updating their website to HTML5, but the site is huge and so they obviously have not gotten to all of it yet. I hope this helps. Greg

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