Accessibility of the iPod models as MP3 player.

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I am researching the purchase of a MP3 player to listen to music and podcasts at work. I have an iPhone 5 but we are forbidden to have cell phones anywhere on the floor of the warehouse. MY VR Stream died and I was wondering if the iPod Nano, for example would be an accessible option for me being totally blind and using VoiceOver. Someone suggested an iPod Touch; but I think that might be overkill just to listen to music, MP3 audiobooks and podcasts to pass the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am completely unfamiliar with the iPod Nano and other models. Thanks for any information you can provide.



Submitted by Santiago on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello, The iPod Nano seventh generation, (the current generation) Is fully accessible, and comes with VoiceOver, which is used with similar gestures that the one on iOS 6 is used with.

Submitted by Diana on Thursday, August 22, 2013

I have just purchased an iPod shuffle. That works great for music and podcasts and works well with VoiceOver. It's also cheaper than the nano.