vm fusion 5 getting in and out of a virtual machine

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hi does anyone know in fusion 5 how to get in and out of a virtual machine



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Sunday, August 18, 2013

HI. To get in, Navigate on the virtual machine window and press ctrl command enter. To get out, just press command tab to navigate to different window.

While it is a bit difficult from your question to know exactly what you mean, let me try a longer answer that hopefully will help. I presume that you have both Windows and Fusion 5 fully installed. 1. On your application menu open Fusion 5. This opens a window that will show your virtual machine and allow you to start that machine by pressing the start button. This action opens your virtual machine and Windows. In my case I have JAWS set to run upon Windows boot up, so when I hear the JAWS speech, I hit command-f5 to turn off Voiceover. You are now in a virtual Windows machine. 2. To use an OS10 Application, hit command-tab and then command-f5. This moves you to an open application in OS10 and uses the Voiceover speech again. 3. To go back into your Windows virtual machine, press command-tab until you hear Fusion or VMWare Fusion; this is the virtual Windows machine. Again, hit command-f5 and you should be back using your Windows screen reader without Voiceover. 4. When finished with your virtual machine, while in that machine, close down Windows like you would on a normal machine. Turn Voiceover Speech back on and after the Windows shutdown sequence is completed, hit command-q in the Fusion window to close it. You are now back in a pure Mac machine with Voiceover. Hope this helps and my thanks to Carlos for all his off-line help which has enabled me to learn all of this. Ray