Seeking Beta Testers for the Snoozy Alarm Clock

App Development and Programming
Hi, everyone. I am the developer of the Snoozy alarm clock app for iOS, and am striving to improve the app's accessibility. I've been getting great feedback from a blind beta tester and would be thrilled to get even more feedback from the community here at AppleVis. One of the app's main features is the ability to change the remaining snooze minutes on-the-fly, via a slider control. I have yet to implement a satisfactory voiceover solution for that feature, so any feedback there would be greatly appreciated. I also have yet to tackle accessibility on the app's color picker, which allows for customizing the colors used for displaying the time. You can learn more about Snoozy at, and I invite anyone interested to sign up for the beta test at Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Michael Mangold on Friday, August 2, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who signed up to help beta test Snoozy's accessibility features. The feedback I got (and continue to get) has been critical to my understanding of how best to structure the app's design for everyone. Apple approved the latest changes and today version 2.1 is in the app store. The new accessibility features include: • VoiceOver now announces the current time when a clock face appears or when the time is selected. • The info button is always on when VoiceOver is running, making for easy access to Snoozy's settings. • VoiceOver announces the next alarm time when selected. • When VoiceOver is running and an alarm sounds, the current time is announced and the snooze slider is adjustable by swiping up and down. • All labels and controls in Snoozy's settings screens now support VoiceOver. VoiceOver even announces hue, saturation and brightness values for the custom color picker. I'm not done, and I encourage everyone to continue providing feedback, it is always appreciated. And I welcome new beta testers to sign up as well at Thanks again!