question about bar code scanning with Recognizer and other apps

iOS and iPadOS
Hi all, I just recently purchased the Looktel Recognizer, for the purposes of creating an image library. I'm also hoping to use it a bit for the bar code scanner. I am having some trouble doing this. I've read some tips on how to do it, and I did manage to scan a product successfully, but I'm not sure how I managed. I do know where the bar code is on this particular product, and got it right once, but I can't manage to scan it again. Does anyone have any tips for scanning the bar codes successfully? I have good lighting, the screen curtain is off, and so far, I've been holding the phone about six inches away from the product and slowly moving it. I'm just not sure why I am having so much trouble getting a successful scan. If anyone has any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it. On a side note, using TapTapSee in conjunction with the Looktel recognizer is a fantastic way for a totally blind person to build an image library independently.