Sendero's Seeing Eye GPS App for iOS Makes a Brief Appearance in the App Store (Updated; now available again)

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Sendero's long-anticipated turn-by-turn GPS iOS app made a brief appearance in the iTunes App Store overnight.
Unfortunately, by the time that this news started to spread around the Internet, the Seeing Eye GPS App had already disappeared once more.
Although it's still unclear why the app was removed so quickly, a number of people who were able to download it have reported that they were unable to process the in-app purchase. So, it's possible that this is one occasion where Apple's approval system worked faster than the developer expects, and Sendero simply weren't yet ready to process the in-app purchases.
However, we now at least know that the app is finally ready for release. We also now know that Sendero have opted for a subscription-based service (as many had predicted). And, if the reports we've heard are correct, a subscription is going to cost $69.95 for 1 year or $129.95 for 3 years.
With Sendero already having published detailed information on the features of the app, along with a User Guide, all that's left to know is when this will be back in the App Store. Hopefully it will be very soon and we can all finally decide if it has been worth the long wait.