Object recognition Aps and The "Crowd"

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Well, I went for a walk this morning and discovered a situation which I all along suspected time would reveal. I decided to take some pictures using both TapTapSee and oMoby. Using the highly touted TapTapSee, there were several "timeouts" before I got a rather week answer idendtifying green trees. OMoby indicated green trees and green grass; neither ever saw the house which should have been plainly visible but oMoby gave more detail all around. AS I recall, both Aps are free which may somewhat account for the inability to "Pay" the crowd sufficiently to attract good feedback. I suspect I might have different experiences with either Ap, depending on day, time of day, and seemingly in the case of TapTapSee, total reliance on croud feedback. OMoby uses both object recognition and croud feedback apparently. So I'll keep both around; haven't had much success with other object recognition aps when "looking around" any particular outdoor environment.



Submitted by Siobhan on Monday, July 1, 2013

Hi. I'm not sure what you're using, I'm still using the Four, so I can't say I have the latest and greatest. Hope you get better results but I think most of what you just said might be true, better time of day, better lighting, perhaps where you point the camera as well? Maybe switch to the back camera instead of using the pinhole if you are using that. Just some suggestions.

TapTapSee uses a combination of crowd sourcing and a computerized object recognition. It's possible that the trees were the focal point of the picture. In this case, it makes sense that it was described that way. I think when people describe a picture, they're describing what's in the focal point of it rather than what's in the background.

As Lisa said, I always assumed TapTapSee would only describe what was the focal point of the picture. I don't think it's designed to describe everything in the background.