Introducing MBraille, the most feature-rich braille app on the app store.

Braille on Apple Products
Hello all, I am pleased to say that MBraille, which has been in development for the past few months, is to be publicly available on the app store sometime next week, so long as Apple approves it. This app, made by MPaja, the developer of such apps as Robo-E, Mopidi, VOTimer, and VOCalc, demonstrates all the accessibility of his previous work. The app allows you to type in braille in either contracted or uncontracted (grade 1 or 2) braille, send Facebook posts, tweets, sms messages and emails, and set calendar appointments either through the menu or by the use of dot commands. By typing a period followed by the command and a new line, the app responds intelligently. For example, to send a tweet, you would type your tweet, go to a new line by flicking down with 1 finger, and type .tweet and with the next 1-finger flick down, your text is sent to twitter. Furthermore, the app has editing features such as the ability to cut, copy and paste text, the ability to preview text by word, character and sentence, the ability to insert text, and automatic copying. When you are finished typing, simply press the home button to copy your text to the clipboard for easy pasting somewhere else. The app also supports many languages such as english and Norwegian languages, although I'm not exactly sure of the full list. I will do a podcast on this app soon to demonstrate all the wonderful features it offers. This is meant only to inform about the existence of the app and mention just a few of its most useful features. I have been testing the app for the past few months and it is the most responsive and feature rich app of its kind I have ever used. I am truly delighted with all of its features and ease of use. At the last I heard, the developer plans to offer a free version of the app which will have tweet support and the ability to type on the app. Editing and other features mentioned will be unlocked by a 1-time in-app purchase of around 30 dollars. This seems a fair price to me for all the features available in the app. I hope you will give this app a try when it is released next week and that you are as taken with it as I have been.



Submitted by Chris Chaffin on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wow! Sounds like a really great app, and can not wait to try it out! Question, since you have tested the app, is there a way of reversing dots 1 and 3 and 4 and 6 in the settings? Just curious since most other braille apps implement this option. Thanks for the notification!

Submitted by Randi on Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm anxious to hear the podcast on this app. I downloaded it but have been struggling with it. It looks like it could be a good option though.

Submitted by Ricardo Herrera on Friday, July 12, 2013

This app does not support anything below ios 6.1. I think this is really unreasonible. I have 6.0.1 on my phone because I'm jailbroken, and I bet some people are at ios 6.0 or ios 5 for various reasons and still want this app. I think someone should contact the dev and explain this.