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Hi, everyone.

I need to be able to quickly copy extracted text from images saved in my camera roll because I have a student who periodically sends me screen shots, no matter how many times I politely request text documents for easier collaboration. These screen shots contain several long paragraphs of text, written in both English and Spanish. I find that extracting the text using my iPad is the most reliable way to read it in minute detail, without encountering significant errors that might impede my understanding of the document. Voice Dream Scanner (usually) produces editable and readable text, but it does not always accurately recognize diacritical marks, which is a hassle to deal with under extremely tight time constraints. It’s completely acceptable otherwise when I’m not expected to complete the “document.”

My question is: Is there a way to quickly jump to the context(?) menu to select all and then copy? I’m open to any gestures, and I have a Braille Display and keyboard at my disposal. Here was my process:

1. On my iPad running iOS 15.2, I saved images from email client
2. I opened the images from photos app and tapped “detect text” and then reviewed my task
3. I “selected all” using the rotor just in case that would work and then copied and pasted. It didn’t work – it just pasted the first two lines of the text.
4. I navigated around the text trying to find that illusive menu to select all and then copy. I also tried long pressing on the text without success. I swear that when you capture live text, the menus are just…visible and usable.
5. And then I outsourced the task and will continue to play with it when I have more time and mental energy.

I don’t think this task is difficult. I’m probably missing something obvious because I’m extremely stressed out and frustrated. Any help would be much appreciated, and I’ll owe you one! Thanks so much for reading!



Submitted by Wenwei on Sunday, January 16, 2022

Thanks! I'll certainly look into it.

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