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iOS and iPadOS

AM searching to find a good app that can arrange my to do lists, reminders, notes etc in 1 place, i came across this app, it is called Things 3.
Unfortunately, this is not free or even has a trial version, so do not know anything about it's accessibility.
I contact the company but they said that they do not have any trial or something like that.
so, does anyone here use something like this? if not? is there an alternative?
Thanks in advance



Submitted by dog on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Busycal is a good app, it arranges your Reminders and your Calendars in one place.
It syncs with the reminders you have in your Reminders app and your calendar entries in your Calendar app, so it works in both iOS, iPads and macOS.
Regarding accessibility, it works fine with VoiceOver.

I tried a lot of apps before settling on this one.

Submitted by Johann Tan on Thursday, November 25, 2021

The iPhone and iPad version works well with VoiceOver but the Mac version is not accessible I think.