Returning to an iPhone: need to clarify a few things

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Hi all,

I have a nokia 9 pure view which is showing its age and I am planning to return to an iPhone. I am considering the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13 mini. I'll probably go for the iPhone 13 because of the better battery. I love the form factor of the mini though.

My primary use cases of my phone in order of importance are as follows.
1. Heavy use for making calls, using the contacts and conference calls.
2. Use of whats app to send messages and to handle calls. I also need to send text messages.
3. The use of blindd square and google maps for navigation.
4. A little face time.
5. Very limited browsing.
6. OCR mainly of sign boards and sometimes of paper stationary.

Given the above use cases:
A. How is the iPhone 13 mini? My concern is the poor battery of the iPhone 12 mini so I am not sure if the same will apply to the iPhone 13 mini. I know it is hard to say given that it is not in everyone's hands right now.
B. How does one unlock the iPhone? I am tired of entering my pin on my Nokia 9. Is face id the only way to go? I can live with that but I have retinopathy of prematurity so I look blind and have no muscle control over my eyes.
C. How does typing work? I am a heavy user of speed dots and enjoy the additional accuracy it gives me. This is my primary reason to think about returning to the iPhone. I like to move my finger to the letter I want and then lift my finger and have the letter entered.




Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Friday, September 17, 2021


By default, Iphones use the Double-Tap method for letter entry. You can change this behavior by opening VoiceOver Settings found under Accessibility, and choose “Typing Style.”

You can also access this info via the use of the VoiceOver Rotor gesture.

For more info see:…

There are around 3 AppleVis podcasts on this subject as well if ya wish to track them down for extra guidance.

Submitted by Ginsenshi on Friday, September 17, 2021

I have rob and am total, light shapes and shadows. Also the stag mess,
by default attention awareness is disabled, where attention awareness enabled normally if you have cataracts or nystagmus the phone will not be able to tell if your attention, is on the phone i.e. looking at the phone, will not unlock without the user looking at the phone for Face ID.
Face ID works fine as long as the phone isn't too close to your face.

Submitted by Pranav Lal on Friday, September 17, 2021

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Hi Trenton,
Many thanks. I used to be an iPhone user and am glad that I can still type the samew way.

Submitted by Kelly Pierce on Saturday, September 18, 2021

The iPhone 13 Mini has a battery duration 38 percent longer than the iPhone 7 released in 2016, the iPhone 8 released in 2017 and the iPhone SE released in 2020. I bought a 7 in October 2016 and have used it continuously for the past five years without battery issues. The iPhone 13 Mini will be the last small phone Apple makes for the foreseeable future. If I were concerned about battery life, I would carry a lighter sized battery charger with my Mini instead of the larger phone.

Hi Kelly,
Many thanks for your perspective. I am going to go with the mini.
I wish I had had your battery experience. I bought the iPhone SE first generation when it was released and had to retire it in 3 years due to its shortened battery life.


Submitted by Shersey on Saturday, September 18, 2021

I have the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux, and I really like it. It charges via USB C, and has one USB A port. It also has a trickle charging mode.
Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux, 10000mAh Portable Charger USB-C Power Delivery (18W) Power Bank for iPhone 11/12 / Mini/Pro/Pro Max / 8 / X/XS Samsung S10, Pixel 3/3XL, iPad Pro 2018, and More…

I prefer having a regular portable battery over a battery case, because regular portable batteries are much more versital. A battery case can only charge that particular model of iphone, and then you'll need to replace it if you get a new phone, if that phone doesn't look exactly like the old phone.


Submitted by kg6sxy on Sunday, September 19, 2021

Face ID works well for me after I turned off the option for attention requiring you to look directly at the camera. When it doesn't work while wearing a face mask, I prefer to use the rotor to switch to handwriting mode so it doesn't announce your password to everyone around you.

Submitted by Pranav Lal on Monday, September 20, 2021

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Hi kg6sxy,
You have an interesting approach. My problem is that I am not good with hand writing. I have tried to memorize letter shapes and have had some success but its going to need a significant amount of practice.

I do where a mask when I am outdoors. Is there a way to train face id for both with and without mask situations? I guess that is wishful thinking.

This is why I bemoan the loss of the fingerprint sensor so much.

Submitted by Jo Billard on Monday, September 20, 2021

If you're a Braille user, you can type in your passcode using Braille screen input and not have to worry about face ID if it doesn't work for you.

Submitted by kg6sxy on Monday, September 20, 2021

Braille Screen Input would be great if I can finally get it to work without so many errors but I still need a lot more practice. I still get a lot of errors with Braille Screen Input.

I haven't tried creating a second Face ID with a mask. Even with the setting for unlocking with an Apple Watch when wearing a mask rarely works for me.

Hi kg6sxy and all,
My Braille skills are terrible. I can read but writing is another matter. I have not used a Perkins keyboard extensively and prefer using a qwerty keyboard.

As for face id, we'll have to wait and see what happens. I need to unlock my phone quickly when I am outdoors.