iPhone and VoiceOver after reset

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Hi everyone, after doing a reset of my iPhone, the VoiceOver focus is unstable: when I open an app the focus randomly jumps to an element, and then returns to the top of the screen; also when I flick the focus goes back to the previous element. When I type, instead of confirming the letter I typed, the focus jumps to the text field, so it reads me text field is editing. Before the reset the phone was perfect. I am using iOS 14.7.1. I also tried to do a further reset, this time by connecting the device to iTunes, but the problem did not go away. What can I do? Thanks.



Submitted by John Hope on Sunday, August 15, 2021

By any chance has Full Keyboard Access been enabled during the reset?

If so, disable it, as what you are seeing sounds very much like the current bug that's present when both this and VoiceOver are enabled.

Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards