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Hi Everyone,

I currently have a windows Del computer. It's getting really slow so I'm thinking of upgrading to a mac. But I want to install windows on it, since I love Jaws and word. I was planning on purchasing a new mac. Does anyone have any suggestions of which one to get, the pro or the air? How easy is installing boot camp? How do you perform basic jaws commands with the touch bar, like Alt F4? Any other tips or advice on the usability of a mac with both systems running?



Submitted by Daniel Angus MacDonald on Thursday, July 29, 2021


Bootcamp is not supported on M1 Macs. be careful you don't end up buying one since you want to bootcamp a new Mac when you get one. also Macs from 2016 on have no USB A ports, so you'll have to get a lot of adaptors for the USB C ports. the Touch Bar is nonfunctional for Windows Screenreader use, and the only Mac Laptop without it is the MacBookAir. the butterfly keyboard on 2016-2019 airs and pros is a lot to get used to. What do you intend to do with a Mac? wouldn't it make more sense to buy a new Windows computer? VoiceOver has a steep learning curve, and if you go the Mac root, be prepared to spend time learning it. there is currently a bug where the partition for Windows cannot be adjusted with VoiceOver in Bootcamp assistant. once windows is installed and the bootcamp support software along with it is installed, Windows 10 works well. not sure about Windows 11, as it requires a trusted platform module which Macs do not have. windows 10 is fast, and doesn't have the usual bloatware that Dell computers have. I think you should just look at this site and listen to podcasts on macOS on this site before you make your choice

Submitted by Jessica Karim on Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Thanks for your feedback. I've actually used a mac in the past, so I'm familiar with the gestures and commands for voiceover, so it shouldn't be to much of a learning curve. Thanks for all the info on different models. I'll be doing some research. I'm not to familiar with many windows brands, I like the technical support apple provides, and I'd like to have a system that runs both platforms, which is why I won't exclusively buy a windows computer.