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I'll be getting an iPhone 5 sometime this week, and I've looked at some of the reviews on here of a few bluetooth headsets, but none of them mentioned the iPhone 5 specificly. So i'm curious to find out if anyone can recommend one I can use? I'm willing to spend no more than maybe 50 bucks at the absolute most, and what i would need it to do is to be able to let me easily answer a phone call if it comes in, and hopefully still hear VoiceOver on a call if it's ever necessary, and just do basic stuff. I'd want it to sound reasonably good of course... Also some explanation of how to pare it would be good, so i'll be able to do it without any sighted assistance. That's always a plus. So any ideas are welcome!



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi Actually I'm using an iPhone 5. I will recommend to you the Bluetooth headset M155 by Platronics I got it few months ago on local store for $59.99 but you could purchase cheaper on Amazome even the M155 comes in two colors one for the iPhone black one all the device in color black with a little circle white and the other one all the device in color white with a little circle black. To see details go to the link below Sent by Marco Serrano from my iPhone

Submitted by Charlie on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hi. Can I ask, is the Plantronics M155 Bluetooth Headset a stereo one, i.e, there are earpieces for both ears, or is it mono (only fits in one ear)? If it is not stereo, can anyone recommend a stereo bluetooth headset which will work in the same way as the Plantronics M155? Many Thanks.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Hello guys Personally I like this bluetooth headset. And I having it since June. Firstly on the iPhone 4S and now on iPhone 5. Right here your answer Charlie: Unfortunaly the Marque m155 works for mono audio. Only for one ear. This bluetooth headset device allows listen all kind of media directly on the ear such as: radio stations, pandora, iHeardRadio, podcast, GPS apps, iTunes music, and the most important it's completely accessible with VoiceOver. Description of Plantronics Marque M155 The M155 is very small device The shape is kind of large rectangle with the around edges The M155 has only 3 buttons If you see the device with the speaker at up side down, will see the front face of the device that's has only a circle button on one side very similar at the home button as like the iPhone devices, I have a M155 in color black and the circle button comes on color white, note this button works at answer calls and to pair the bluetooth headset with the iPhone devices. If you have located on horizontal way the bluetooth headset on the top site has the alone volume button On the bottom site of the M155 is located the power oj/off button On the right side of the device is the charger port Steps to pair the Marque M155 to iPhone devices #1 On the iPhone device go to settings and open the bluetooth option. This bluetooth option needs to be on if this option appear off on the iPhone press double tap on the bluetooth selection this step to turn on the bluetooth works very similar as on turn on wifi on the device. #2 Put the bluetooth headset M155 on the ear and hit the power on button. (note don't need to turn off VoiceOver VoiceOver on any time to do the process (once the M155 is on will talk to you the battery life. #3 On the iPhone you will hear the bluetooth option searching okay right here on this moment don't skip this step please pay atention On the Marque M155 press and hold the circle button on the front face of the device until hear on the device pairing you will year couple beeps sounds then leave of press the circle button, so I don't know why but never get to pair the bluetooth M155 on this step. #4 Direct on the iPhone On the bluetooth heading you will find already the Plantronics M155 on the bluetooth list Just only go using the flick gesture to reach the line that showed as PLT M155 and press double tap on it #5 Finally you will hear successfully paired. Hope this helps.

Hi, I'm using an iPhone 5 and recently got the Plantronics M165 model. It works with voiceover but there is one problem. When making phone calls, the iphone's internal microphone does not seem to turn off. All I hear is a sharp high pitched sound and the other person cannot hear me. Anyone has a solution to this problem? Is there a way to force the internal mic to turn off and only use the headset's mic?