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Does anyone know of any good accessible meditation apps that work with voice over, and that offer meditations?
Also, does anyone know if Synctuition Mindspa Meditation meditation works with voice over? Here is the link. I don't want to pay for it and find out its not accessible. I don't have a payment method on itunes so I can't do the 7 days free. Any help would be grateful!…



Submitted by Grant on Monday, May 17, 2021

Hi, I have a list of apps that I have found accessible over the last few years. I will list them below.
Calm, Plum Village, Hay House, any of the glenn Harrold, Soulvana, Mindvalley, Hightail, Headspace, and the shift.

These are not all free and some of them need a subscription. Most of the more popular meditation sites have an accessible app.

I have had a look at the one you mentioned. It is workable but it is not the most accessible app. It is hard to sign up and you have to randomly click things that are not labeled properly to get into a meditation. I will continue to play around with it but if your not ready to explore the screen and don't have very good iPhone skills then this app is not for you. I hope this helps in some way. If you want to discuss others just let me know.

Submitted by Matthew Whitaker on Monday, May 17, 2021

I use headspace. I'm loving it! Been using it for a few weeks now. :-)

Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

I use Meditopia and it is nice to use

Submitted by Andy Lane on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

hi i use Waking up and have been through around 20 or more apps. I’ve been meditating for over 6 years quite seriously and have read at least 50 books on the subject. The reason i recommend waking up is its a complete guide to re-wiring your brain and how you interact with the world around you based on the contemplative traditions working toward enlightenment. If Headspace and Calm are the McDonalds of meditation (no judgement, nothing wrong with McDonalds) and Buddhism is the Michelin starred restaurant then Waking up sits slap bang in the middle, Its not a quick McDonalds hit of sugar and fat its much more without requiring devoting your life to a new philosophy. Its extremely modern and takes the best of the old traditions and brings them into the 21st century. its also very accessible with voiceover. I hope you find a more peaceful place.

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