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Hello to all,

Since AirTags are beginning to land in people's hands and mine are scheduled to arrive today, and since AirTags require an additional accessory to clip them onto items, I thought it would be nice to hear from AirTag owners on some of the various accessories they've purchased and and how are they using it.

Whether they are Apple accessories or third party accessories from Amazon or other sellers, it would be nice to hear what accessories people like and find useful, so if anyone else is looking for an accessory for a similar situation, we'll have an idea of what's out there.

I'm sure, like many whom pre-ordered AirTags, some like me probably bought the Belkin keychain, which I find to be well made, except for one small flaw, if you wish to remove the AirTag from the holder, you first must remove the keychain ring, and that can be a tad tricky to remove. I actually plan on buying some metal carabiner clips that lock so I can replace the ring with it and make it easier to remove the clip if and when I need to take the AirTag out of the Belkin holder.

So please feel free to add any accessories you've purchased, with a link where it can be found and feel free to mention how you use it.




Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Monday, May 10, 2021

I've heard some using AirTags with their white canes, and although this would be a great idea, as I tend to misplace my white cane all the time, not sure what accessory could be used, while remaining securely fastened and blend well with the cane.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Submitted by Jo Billard on Monday, May 10, 2021

In reply to by That Blind Canuck

If I were going to put an airtag on my cane, I'd get one of the keychains and attach it to the loop at the top of the cane.

I'm currently using one of Apple's key fobs to attach an AirTag to my cane. I'll probably look for a key fob with a lower profile at some point, but for now this works quite well.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A bit of an annoying shape as there are no flat surfaces on the device, instead it tapers to the edge. This means that sticking it to something that itself is flat, EG a keyboard back, isn't going to be quite as secret as it could be.

Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It does kind of suck that you can't just add a keychain ring to a naked AirTag, kind of like you can do with Tiles, but instead, you have to buy an accessory.

but at least with third parties, accessories for the AirTags will not be in short supply.

I am hoping that someone will come out with a rubberr sleeve for the Apple TV remote that will have a spot in the sleeve to slide an AirTag, so when you do eventually misplace the remote, you can find it.