Siri isn't working even though my Internet connection is perfectly fine

iOS and iPadOS

Hey guys, does anyone else have this issue? Every time I say hey Siri and tell it what I wanted to do, it waits then says one sec, then it says, still working or something like that, then says sorry, something went wrong. but my Internet connection is working fine because I've checked with all my other devices. I do have a little bit of lag but It isn't enough to hinder my connection in any way. I have noticed that I can dictate perfectly fine, but when I actually try to talk to Siri, it does this. There is a tiny little bit of lag sometimes during my dictation, but that's all. I am running the latest iPad OS, I've turned my device off and back on again, I've turned my Wi-Fi off and back on again, All the echos we have in our house work fine. I am a little scared to reset my settings because that would deactivate voiceover and my voiceover shortcut.



Submitted by Mister Kayne on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I thought that this was due to my service provider however since you bought up the subject it is very disturbing iPhone SE 2020