Help Needed, Braille Translation for mac or Windows

Braille on Apple Products

Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you all well. I just got my new Orbit Reader today, and it is awesome! I love it! However, I am having a major problem. In Windows, I have tried several different programs and no matter what I try, I can't seem to get good Spanish Braille translations. I got this Orbit Reader mostly for having a portable way to save, access, and read from sermons that I have already prepared, or will prepare in the future. Whether old or new messages, it makes more sense to prepare them on the computer, whether on Mac or Windows, I really don't care at this point. It makes more sense as I can copy/paste Bible passages, things like that, right in to the document, as opposed to having to type it all out manually.
Having said all that, no matter which programs I have tried on the Windows side, and with just about every combination possible of encoding, I either get really weird stuff where my accented letters should be, or odd symbols where my capital signs would normally be.
I read both English and Spanish Braille, and know what Spanish Braille should look like.
So, how are you all doing it that use Spanish Braille? What program? What encoding settings?
I don't care if it is a .brl or .brf file, because the Orbit can use either, but if it is a .brf, how can I make it where it won't split words up? I think that was a problem in the program called Biblos that I tried.
Any help will be very much appreciated. I really like my Orbit Reader, and was even able to change the language on that already, and English contracted Braille works great, but on the Spanish side, I keep running in to trouble, but that is not a problem with the Orbit, but rather my files and the way they are being translated in to Braille.



Submitted by gregg on Thursday, April 1, 2021

make sure settings accessibility voiceover braille show onscreen keyboard is set to on.