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Hi all. I'm just about to try selling my 8+ however, there are books on one phone and not the other. It seems like i've signed in because I checked the user account settings and see my email and password fields filled in. I've signed out of Icloud and as soon as I erase content, I'll check on the new phone again. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Stil getting used to the new 12



Submitted by Ryder on Sunday, March 14, 2021

What help exactly are you asking for? When you restore from backup the BARD app will appear on your new phone but when you sign in it will not have any downloads. You will see your wishlist and will have to download again what content you desire.

When I went from the 7+ to the 12 Pro Max I erased my old phone after the new phone was up and running. I did notice that the BARD id was exactly the same. Same thing happened when I went from the old iPad to the new iPad Air 4. I think the BARD app expert I worked with at my local state Talking Book library told me I got 5 or 6 devices per year without them having to reset anything. I have BARD on three or four devices but really use it 90% of the time on one.

You will have to download everything you want on each device.

Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, March 14, 2021

Well that kind of bites, i guess I thought they would just redownload or something. Not a huge deal but I appreciate the answer.

Submitted by peter on Sunday, March 14, 2021

BARD keeps a record of what you've downloaded in the past.

Under the "Get Books" dialog one of the buttons is "Previous Downloads" button. This is about 4 or 5 items below the "Wish List" button at the top of the dialog. This has a list of books you previously downloaded. That could make it easier to figure out what you might have downloaded on the other phone so that you can download it again.


Submitted by Ryder on Sunday, March 14, 2021

Good point Peter. I like that feature. I need to remember that.

I looked at Apps Using iCloud and the possible apps under iCloud Drive and BARD didn’t show up at all so I’m not seeing any possibility of transferring downloads. Even with Audible and Kindle I had to download every book again. Those do show up as thumbnails so a bit easier.

For BARD I had to search and download the book I was in the middle of at the time of the switch. Then I had to find my place again after noting it on the previous device.

The one very good thing I’ve noticed after the last BARD update is my place in the book opens spot on now. Used to it could be up to half an hour off.

Anyway good luck and have fun with your new iPhone. The latest models are amazing.