What the heck with uninstalled apps consuming my mobile data?

iOS & iPadOS

Since long time ago, I have been wondering why a lot of my mobile of celular data is consumed by a category called "uninstalled apps" or at least that would be the translation, as I'm a Spanish-native-speaker.

I have a data plan of 2.5 gb per month but I find myself consuming up to 150 mb of it by this category.

I have read on the web that apple has no idea of how to explain this fact, and for me would be almost imposible to reinstall all my uninstalled apps in order to try to remove permits maybe to stop having this issue.

Of course I'm afraid of my privacy and data security.

Any thoughts?



Submitted by Mister Kayne on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

It is no doubt that this is a unique situation. I am recommending something that might work in your favor but will require all the patience in the world. Firstly, back up the data you need on iCloud; then make a list of applications you are currently using. Then sign out of your apple ID on your phone and any other accounts you are signed into. Once you have done that in Settings; I think under general you will find an option to reset your phone to factory settings. This will clear all the data and settings from your phone and be as good as new. You will have to start from the scratch and install, uninstal and make changes to your phone all over again. Once you sign into your apple ID on your phone, your back up should restore most of the data and settings for the applications using iCloud. For instructions on how to use iCloud back up, do a search on this website.

I am curious how did you know that uninstalled apps. are using your data?

Submitted by Garry on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hello, the 'Uninstalled Apps' appear on the Mobile Data ( in Settings ) page. After Data has been used, the entry appears towards the top of the list depending upon how much data it has used up. Sadly I don't have a solution for the underlying problem. My fix when I setup my new iPhone was to train myself not to delete apps, but drag them into a 'No Longer Used' folder.
I also try to remember to 'switch off' that apps data usage privileges on the Mobile Data page. I figure that by not deleting the app I get a second chance to switch off the data usage if it appears in the used data list.

Submitted by peter on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The iOS device keeps track of data usage for each app as you describe. However it does not automatically reset the data usage each month. Is it possible that what you are seeing is the accumulated data for apps that have been uninstalled? In other words, you might be seeing how much data those apps have downloaded prior to being uninstalled.

You can reset the statistics to get new accumulated data starting at the time of the reset. I believe there is an option to delete the accumulated data and start counting from the date you on which you deleted the data statistics.


I found out by looking on the mobile data preferences, there you have a list of the data used per app and not now, but like 2 months ago, the third or fourth most consuming app was something called "uninstalled apps", was not new to me, but the fact that only 3 or 4 more apps were consuming more than this category, was frightening.
I have changed from one iPhone to another, and this situation was noticed by me since my iPhone 7 and now it is the same with my iPhone 11.
I will try your suggestion with much patience.

Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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it is a wise idea, sadly I should have started doing this like 10 years ago LOL.

Hi Pete, in fact I try to erase my statistics each month, but although it might be a possibility, I find somehow weird that an app I only used for some days or even weeks, use the same data as Facebook or twitter which I use all the time.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Just a thought, are you removing the apps completely with the Delete App button from your phone? There is a newer option that allows you to remove the apps from the home screen, but are still stored in the app Library so you don't have to re download from the app store if you somehow change your mind.