Transferring from iPhone SE to iPhone 12 Pro Max

iOS and iPadOS

I recently purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max and attempted to transfer the data from my old phone to my new phone. Someone from Apple Accessibility talked me through the process. It went well up until the end when it just sat at 100%, but 2 minutes remaining. I left the phones sitting next to each other with plenty of power for three days, but still got two minutes remaining.

Finally I checked the phones and found that BARD was the delay. The old phone had 53 audio books, but the new phone only had one. Logical as I hadn't told BARD about the unique ID for my new phone, but was still a frustration until I understood the issue. Hoping that posting it here will help some one else.



Submitted by Ryder on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

That is a lot of books to carry! How did you contact BARD? I usually do it through Arizona Talking Book Library. They handle all NLS here. When I migrated from the iPhone 7+ to the 12 pro Max the same identification code showed up on mine. I only keep a couple books at a time so no problem. My wishlist is a mile long though.