VoiceBook VO Feed working again

iOS and iPadOS
Hi All, For the last few weeks, VoiceBook VO has experienced an interruption in service. The issue has been resolved; data is flowing again. I apologize for the interruption, but it took a while to work with Facebook to get the problem cleared up. Many people reported trying to fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Be aware that if you did this, it will lose the flag that indicates you have already paid for an upgrade. Good News! If you go through the purchase process again, Apple will recognize that you have paid already and will NOT charge you again. It can be a little unnerving since the screen asks for a confirmation to charge you, but if you agree, it will recognize that you have already paid and send the flag down to the app. Thank you for your patience, and all your kind words about the app. Ben



Submitted by Brooke on Sunday, April 21, 2013

So glad this app is working again! I was successful in getting it to work last night, and I like its layout a lot. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Dear Ben and all. I'm sorry to say that it isn't working for me. I am getting the following message "Error. Voice Book can not make contact with Facebook at this time. Please insure that you are connected to a network. Voice Book will continue to make attempts to reach Facebook until the application is no longer active." Is this the message that everyone have been experiencing? Thanks

That's the message I was getting until yesterday. And I actually did get it once yesterday, but then I cleared my history and cookies in Safari and tried again, and it let me log into Facebook and access the permissions I needed.