Any alternative client for telegram instead of default?

iOS & iPadOS

Salam (Blessings) out there!
I want any alternative app than that of telegram's default, which is fully accessible with voiceover to use the telegram. Although the default app improves so much in terms of accessibility, yet there are a number of improvements which need to be addressed.
And till that time an alternative to do the job....
And of course, free app is more appreciated.... :)



Submitted by Borostar on Friday, January 22, 2021

Hi, Try Bright Guide as it's designed for VI people! It's free to download.

Submitted by tripolice on Friday, January 22, 2021

I couldn't get brightguide work in a group conversation. There is no edit box to write a message for me. Action roter gives me the option to compose message to someone individually, but how to write a group message?

Submitted by Muhammad Bilal on Friday, January 22, 2021

I tried this app, and it is accessible.
However, there are still some issues which needs to be fixed.
For instance, in main screen there is nothing available with explore by touch. Yes, you can move into contacts/chats/settings by flicking left/right, but nothing with explore by touch.
In addition to this, when you play a voice message there is no way to stop it except exiting the chat.
Voice messages is a paid feature, but no demo how it works....
Having said all this, still, I actually enjoyed this app! It is near to whatsapp in terms of accessibility, if not standing parallel.
I love this app, but for only voice messages 4.99$ is more than enough for me. Or at least as of now, when whatsapp privacy policy is delayed by months. :) :D
I have to put it on my emergency list, and if things goes out of the way, I will use it.
But as of now, any other alternative? Which is, (guessed? Yes you got it right.) free?

I tried in a group, in my case Voiceover giving me the send message option by swiping up/down.
And I actually sent message to a group by using Bright Guide.
Don't know why it is not working in your case.
Are you allowed to post messages in that group, in which roter not giving you the send message option?