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I am looking for some guidance on a good audio recording convertion and general editing apps please? I recently remembered one of applevis's monthly emails talked about a recording app that took out the background hissing you get when recording. The app in question is called speecap. I tried this and found it great, however, it's not as seemless as say, recup that uploads the audio to dropbox automatically. With speecap, I had to tell it to upload to dropbox and had to put an email address in before it would upload. As I was only uploading it for myself, I had to put in my own email address and got an email saying I'd been shared a file but it was from me anyway so this seems very pointless. I tested the app by leaving it recording for a few hours. It wouldn't upload to dropbox at all and took a long time to airdrop. Since the file was in wav, it was very large. recup on the other hand is great because it can record for as long as you want as long as your phone has enough memory and the longest it took to upload a file automatically to dropbox was 5 to 10 minutes, and this was a very long recording! So all in all, recup is my preferred recording appp but it still leaves the hissing sound in the background which speecap doesn't have. I'm looking to perhaps recording chapters of novels in future and want a recording app that makes the recording sound more proffessional by removing the hissing automatically. I don't know how to edit audio so am a novice. Back when I used windows before switching to a mac, I was able to merge files with GoldWave, and delete portions of files, but that's it.
So if anyone knows of a accessible easy to use recording app that combines the automatic advantages of recup but removes the hissing noise like sspeecap that would be great. I had tried to convert the wav file by using the convert audio app but it didn't connect to dropbox which is where my files are stored online and I couldn't find any settings allowing me to do this.
Also, I found a couple of possible good external microphones in the apple store app that sound great and they reportedly are able to remove the hissing when it comes to recording so maybe there isn't a need for a specific app to do this if I got an external microphone.
Any help on microphones, recording apps that sound as proffessional as possible with limmited editing and a good audio converting app would be very much appreciated. :)
One other question, If I was able to convert a wav file to mp3, recorded in speecap, would this mean the audio quality isn't as good and would mean the hissing noise would come back?

Thanks in advance for all your help, it is greatly appreciated. :)



Submitted by WellF on Sunday, January 10, 2021

1: hokusai and ferrite are good sound editing apps. Hokusai is more suited to multitrack recording / music production and ferrite to interviews, podcasts and stuff you don't need multitrack necessarilly.
2: converting from wav to mp3 will have an impact on the audio quality, but it might not be noticiable for your ears. It won't bring back any noises if you removed them before.
3: an external microphone could be helpful, but I don't know much about them.

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Sunday, January 10, 2021

For Accessible Audio Editor Mac Apps, look at:

1. REAPER! (60 USD)
2. GarageBand!
3. Audacity!
Version Recommended by Audacity Team for now on Mac is v2.1.1, though some have had joy with later versions unofficially.
, though I'd take a look at the following link first, since stereo mix is not supported on macs natively:

As for External Mics, ya can't go wrong with mics from Blue Studio! Mics that work with both Macs and iPhones (if using the USB Camera Adapter) including the Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball and Snowball iCE.

Submitted by Andrew90 on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Thanks to you both for your replies. They are very helpful. :) Hope you have a great day and I'll checkout these apps and microphones.

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