Creating an IOS App

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Hi. I have a friend that would like to create an IOS App, and I was wondering if anyone could give any tips to help her get started. She doesn't have any previous experience with coding. Any assistance you could give would be great.



Submitted by Ty on Friday, January 8, 2021

I've been going through the 100 days of SwiftUI course (found at It's helped me quite a lot. Granted I have programmed in JavaScript, as well as Python for quite some time, so maybe 100 Days of Swift would be better (it teaches more the language, not the UI Framework. It can be found at For creating GUIs, 100 days of SwiftUI is better, as it's the *only* tutorial I've found that doesn't have you drag elements onto the canvas.
Best of luck to your friend, being an iOS developer is certainly interesting, in both good and bad ways! :)