the new game that I made, choose your face

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Hi, I hope this post does not go against the rules, since it was already submitted to the directory by someone else and all.
Instead of a submission this is more of a self promotion, I am a totally blind developer and I make games for iOS. Choose your face is my third attempt at such, it's a game similar to deal or no deal. This game has cool sound effects, and voices, which make it unique, as well as visual elements. So anyone can play it!!!
Please, if you haven't yet, check it out as it has had very positive feedback so far and I'm sure you will love it.

Also please send it to your friends so they can play it too!

Thanks guys.



Submitted by Ty on Friday, January 8, 2021

I love the game, and all the sounds. I think that it would be cool if it wasn't always the same 25 faces though. Now only if I can get that pesky 100000 coins...