The Other Side Skill

iOS and iPadOS Gaming

The Other Side skill is an Alexa based solo role playing game.

This is full blown dungeons and dragons style game and is completely accessible to the blind community using the Alexa app on the PC, mobile, or Alexa enabled devices. We are always expanding the world, the commands you use to interact with the game and adding more items quests and skills to the system. As of now the players currently enjoy pets, spells, owning their own businesses, fishing, gathering, and crafting, and of course fighting the monsters and non-player characters they encounter.

Please enable the skill using this amazon web page:

Any questions please contact The Other Side Skill via email at



Submitted by Dave Matters on Monday, December 28, 2020

I came across this game/skill a month or so ago. I’ve been playing as much as I can ever since. It is great! It is pretty good sized, and has some great mechanics, monsters, places, etc. I have climbed to 12th level, and have only started this journey. There are still a lot of places I haven’t been, whether the large size of the map, or the smaller size of my level.
Just tell Alexa to open ‘the other side skill’, sit back and enjoy the action. Oh, and if you are curious, don’t mess with the 41st level orphaned child in town.

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