Need help creating a shortcut

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Recently , I learned that you can make a shortcut to alert you when your battery is fully charged, and I also attended a Zoom meeting where that was cdemonstrated. My problem is, everything checks out until I double tap on add action. I can't find anything about notifications, only about calling a certain friend, which I don't see how it has any relevance here, but absolutely nothing about notifications or play sound. I also typed in notification in the search field, because, after all, that is what I want. I can't find any podcasts or videos using Voiceover, other than the series on Siri shortcuts, which is not what I'm looking for because Siri has nothing to do with this. Can someone help? I have better things to do with my time than constantly checking the battery level and have wanted such an alert ever since I got my iPhone. It also looks like you can set your phone to turn on low battery mode at a specified time, and I can't make that work either.



Submitted by Scruffy Ted on Friday, November 20, 2020

There are shortcut actions to show notification; play sound; and set Low Power Mode, so everything that you want to do should be possible.

Are you by any chance creating a new automation rather than a new shortcut?

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Sunday, November 22, 2020

In the automations tab:

  1. Tap "create automation"
  2. Choose "create personal automation"
  3. In the triggers list, select battery level
  4. Adjust the percentage to your desired level, in your case 100, to make the shortcut trigger, when the phone is full.
  5. confirm that "equals 100%" is selected and hit next.
  6. In the add action area, type in "notification" As a search result, "show notification" should appear. Double tap this, VO should announce that it got added to the shortcut.
  7. at the top of the screen, you should see the newly added action. Flick right til you hear it's contents, for me it's "hello world."
  8. Flick down to edit the contents for your desired message.
  9. Now, at the action, find Show more ubtton
  10. There's an option for "play sound" make shure it's on.
  11. Tap next again
  12. At the bottom of the screne, toggle "ask before running" off. Otherwise the phone will ask you every time, wether you want to be notified. Rather pointless in this case.
  13. Enjoy.

OK, I see what I did wrong. Not entirely my fault, Voiceover isn't always clear on some things. Now to see if it works. I'm also planning to set one up to automatically turn on low power mode and maybe raise the default level, since my battery is starting to show its age. Thank you so much for those clear and concise directions. They were very easy to follow.

Submitted by Khushi on Monday, November 23, 2020

weight, could you do such a thing?
I'm just making it right away!
I wish there was a way to notify me without me constantly checking the battory level while my phone is on the charge.
thank you for posing this question and thank you so much for such a detailed instructions! I'm not a regular shortcuts user. I made a shortcut which automatically logs water when I say to Siri "log water." it took a lot of time for me to create it and honesly I feel I have to modify it and I forgot how I created it :)
thank you once again!