Watch OS 6 and up: Adjusting Move Goal in Weekly Summary

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I have noticed that after upgrading to Watch Os 6, when the Weekly Summary appears on Monday, the adjustable move goal level is no longer adjustable by swiping up or down. There seems no way to dismiss the summary but to accept the displayed number of calories, and if one desires to change it, it must be done in the Activity App. I was told by an Apple associate that there are plus and minus buttons that are invisible to VoiceOver. Has anyone else noticed this, and does anyone know a fix to it besides using the Activity app?



Submitted by Adi on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I just recently got my first apple watch and using it with watch os 7. I am experiencing the same issue as you and need to go to activity to change the goal value. Even though voice over says slide up or down to adjust the value , nothing seems to happen. Guess, what the Apple guy told you must be correct and now we, voice over users are unable to change the move goal without accessing the activity app.