iOS focus bug still not fixed?

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Hi Folks.

I just wondered whether the annoying focus bug of VoiceOver has been fixed in the mean time - e.g. in iOS 14.2.

I am a little confused since I couldn't find any information in the Applevis bug tracker.

Maybe someone could tell me whether I can safely upgrade my phone to iOS 14 now or if it's better to still wait.

Kind regards from Daniel.



Submitted by Tanya Harrison on Friday, November 6, 2020

This focus bug doesn't hit everyone' but when it strikes it is a right royal pain you can imagine where. I had to pull out of an on-line course, and as the bug is with iOS and not the course developers, I could not get a refund. If you like to share links, files on Dropbox and anything else that is related to share-sheets, I would not update just yet. When this bug hits, it requires sighted assistance for me and some other blind friends, just to simply share a link or a contact card. The course I referred to earlier involves citing of references, which meant I had to be able to share links. As I now need sighted assistance and assistance is not available for me four days out of every week, I had to cut my financial losses and let the course go. If however sharing a lot of information is not a big part of your life with your iPhone, it still could be risky, just beware.

Submitted by Cristobalm on Friday, November 6, 2020

I like lots of other people were dealing with all these issues. Turns out, there’s an easy fix. Go into settings/accessibility/keyboard and disable full keyboard access option. I came across this solution on an Apple mailing list. It pretty much got rid of all my iOS 14 problems. If this setting is already disabled, then it would be something else and I have no answer to that though.

Submitted by Jenna Pepper on Friday, November 6, 2020

Club AppleVis Member

It's happening for me in messages when it was fine on 14.1. I'm incredibly annoyed.

Submitted by Daniel P on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sorry to bring this up again, but after reading through all the replies to my post I still don't know whether the Voiceover focus bug that occured in HTML views under iOS 14 is finally fixed now or whether it still exists. What has the keyboard accessibility feature mentioned above to do with this? Maybe someone who has experienced the bug can tell me if it is still there in iOS 14.2 or if it has been fixed?

Regards from Daniel!

I experienced the bug in iOS 14.0.
I had a lot of issues with the focus bug when in html content/views but all is well for me in 14.2.
I can now successfully and efficiently interact with html views again on my iPhone XR running iOS 14.2.
A simple task like jumping by header in safari was a mess in 14.0 but it works well for me now in 14.2.
I still see folks report that the focus bug is still present.
However, I can't reproduce the issues and as I said it works just fine now for me at least.

Submitted by John on Monday, November 23, 2020

I’m surprised that more people don’t find this bug incredibly annoying. I guess I move around the screen fast and I get bit by it often. I’ll unlock my phone immediately tap on an icon that I want to open to select it then double tap. And by the time I double tap the focus changes and I end up opening the top left most icon. I really hate that jumping.
And that’s only one example of where that bug gets in the way.