Using Apple Watch to Pay with a card that is not the default

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I recently tried to pay with a card that is not my default in Apple Pay using the Apple Watch, and I did not succeed.

My Watch is running the latest version of watchOS 7.

I did the following.

  • Added a second card to Apple Pay (both in the Watch and the iPhone).
  • When ready to pay, pressed the side button (the one underneath the crown).
  • Moved the crown until I heard the name of the card I wanted to pay with.
  • Place the watch near to the card reader so that it processed the payment.

It did process the payment, but it used with the card I have set as the default in Apple Pay, instead of using the card I had selected with the crown.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Any workarounds?




Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Saturday, October 10, 2020

You used to be able to double press the side button on the watch, then swipe with two fingers left or right to change between cards, but I am unable to switch either.

I think this may be something to do with Watch OS 7.0.1 as I recall this working on my old Series 4 running Watch OS 6, but can't do it on my Series 6 running Watch OS 7.

Hopefully this might be corrected when we eventually get the next update of Watch OS.