Accessible Card Games for Mac?

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Hi all,

I love playing card games on my phone and have learned multiple games through that route, including from the Blindfold series. I was just wondering on a whim if anyone has had any good experiences with playing cards on the Mac in apps or websites, as I see no card games listed in the MacOS App Directory. I tried a solitaire app which didn't work, and I also tried, which disappointingly is not accessible. I am aware of RS Games which has games for Uno, 1000 miles, rummy, I doubt it, 99 and go fish, but it lacks some of the more "involved" games like hearts, spades, euchre, bridge, other rummy variants, etc. I was also shocked to discover yesterday that Microsoft Solitaire is completely inaccessible on Windows. Rather incredible in 2020...




Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I am disappointed that the Mac isn't really supported on this site. Yes, it is. Except I honestly don't remember when the last app was put up. free or paid. When lockdown happened. I had a wish that developers would come out of the woodwork and release something. Yes some absolutely have. I thank them for it. Even though some of the games I am not interested in, I wish the Mac had more apps not just in games but in general.

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