Problem: iPhone 8, iOS 13.7: Key Clicks No Longer Heard While Entering Keys Using the Default iOS Keyboard

iOS and iPadOS

I have an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.7. Recently, I noticed that key clicks are no longer being heard while I type characters using the default software keyboard. I have checked that keyboard clicks are enabled in Sound and Haptics. All other VoiceOver sounds are being heard, such as the earcons when swiping, opening an app, etc. I have tried turning VoiceOver off and on as well as rebooting the phone but the key clicks are still not being heard as I type. Does anyone have a possible solution?



Submitted by Chris Hill on Friday, September 18, 2020

Check your mute switch above the volume control on the left side of the phone.

Submitted by Mister Kayne on Monday, November 23, 2020

There is a new setting introduced under accessibility/ VoiceOver and it has to do with sounds and haptics. There you can customize the sounds you want to hear from VoiceOver stuff like opening and closing folders, item focused etc. But as far as my memory goes I don't think I found anything that specifically sid anything about Keyboard clicks. Looking around there might help and do you no harm