Problem with USB Drive on BrailleSense Polaris

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Hi all,
I recently had to give my BrailleNote Apex back to my school district as I was graduating high school. Therefore I copied all of my personal files to a 64 gig USB drive and filled most of it. Just the other day I got a BrailleSense Polaris and was testing it out. I decided to look at my USB drive to see if all my files were there. I plugged it in and all seemed to be going smoothly, but within a few seconds of plugging the drive in and exploring on it the Polaris seemed to slow down and the voice, which I had on, seemed to stop mid-word. It resumed shortly but it was next to impossible to finish a task on the drive because the machine kept stopping and restarting from where it had left off. I plugged in an SD card I had with some files on it and that seemed to work fine, only when I plugged in the USB drive again and put focus on it did the problem occur again. Have any of you experienced this, or know why I might be experiencing this? Perhaps I need to copy everything to another drive? Any advice/coments would be greatly appreciated, as this drive has all my files on it.
Thanks so much,



Submitted by Ishkabibble on Friday, August 21, 2020


This website is about Apple products and the accessibility services Apple provides, not assistive technology in general. However, I would suggest a few things. HIMS, the company that makes the Polaris, has a tech support phone number you can call. In addition, there may be an answer on the FAQ for the Polaris on their website. Finally, there is a possibility that the Polaris cannot handle a USB drive with that much storage/that many files on it. I'm not sure of the specifics because I use HumanWare Braille notetakers.

Hope this helps and good luck.