Issues with the my verizon app

iOS and iPadOS

Hello Verizon users,

If anyone out there is using the my verizon app with Voiceover, can anyone confirm the following?

1. in the plans and devices tab, navigation is very jumpy, and unreliable.
2. When trying to manage your account, doing things like add an account manager, add a new line to your account, or shopping for devices and or accessories, navigation is also jumpy.

I've tried severral times to speak with a verizon agent, but with no luck. Verizon says on their website webt they are committed to providing accessibility for all, but when talking to verizon to verab the issues I'm encountering, I get the usual "Huh?" or the "Have you tried uninstalling uninstaand reinstalling reinsthe app? does other apps work as expected?"

I honestly feel that Verizon needs a dedicated accessibility department like Apple and google currently have for their products. I also feel there should be a better way to report bugs of certain apps to big developers, especially if it regards issues with essential apps like My verizon. We use these apps to manage our phone services, change plans, and add devices to our accounts, and so on, and if the accessibility isn't there, it makes it difficult to achieve these tasks successfuly, and independently.

If any verizon customers out there can comment on this it would be greatly appreciated.




Submitted by Troy on Thursday, July 2, 2020

I've noticed this as well. I think verizon has an accessibility team but not sure how to reach them.