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Do any of you use VLC for Mac?
If so, I have a question. I have folders which have multi-layered directories. For example, one folder looks like this Main Moop TV/moop TV hard drive exclusives/coverage/June 28, 2020 coverage/part one.
When I add my main Moop TV folder to VLC's media library, the multi-multi part subdirectories don't show up, I have to expand them almost as if they were the stackable nesting dolls, lol. Does anyone know if let's say I were to add my Moop TV exclusives, Moop TV From Dropbox, and Moop TV In Google Drive (those are the three folders in my Moop TV hard drive folder), is there a way to randomize all 400 and some thousand shows (they're audio only) contained throughout the layers of subfolders? I've tried to add them all, but it seems to be popping up a lot of shows from the same or similar directories, it's not going all over the map so to speak.
iTunes was just too busy constantly, which made it very cumbersome to work with, so I'm definitely experimenting with alternatives, VLC seems to be the one, but if only I knew how to make it play stuff from all of the directories and subdirectories I added, not just certain stuff. Any insight would be helpful.



Submitted by neosonic2 on Monday, June 29, 2020

From a post on the official VLC forums, it seems the issue you described may be a bug in VLC, starting with versions as early as 3.0.4. According to said post, a workaround that has been successful for some users is to open VLC preferences, then click Show All Settings, move to the Playlist category, and set "Subdirectory behavior" to "Expand."
The full forum post can be found here:

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