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On the 1st of July I can upgrade and I am interested in the iPhone 11. The 11Pro most likeley will be the better option, but It is just out of what my wallet can provide. Can iPhone 11 users please tell me how good this phone is comparing to the 8+? I know there is no Home button. How do you find unlocking using faceID? Can someone please be so kind to provide a link where I can listen to a podcast review?



Submitted by Brian Giles on Saturday, June 20, 2020

After having my XR for a while now, I don't miss the home button at all. Sure touch ID was great, but Face ID works just as well. I never bought into the not being able to unlock my phone while it's in my pocket argument when the X first came out.

You'd probably have to really use the new swipe gestures and Face ID for a little while to get comfortable with them. When I played with an iPhone XR at the Apple store, I couldn't figure the gestures out so walked away hating the idea. That didn't change till I'd had mine for a few days, just like what happened when learning VoiceOver when I got my iPod touch back in 2009.

It does seem like I have to enter my passcode to unlock my iPhone more often with Face ID. i don't mind that, though. You'll be doing that a lot more anyway now if you're using your phone when you're out and you're wearing a mask.

Submitted by Fingertips65 on Saturday, June 20, 2020

If no home button is an issue, then get the SE2 as it has retained the home button. I’m fairly sure it has the same chip as the 11, and is about the same size as the 7 and 8

Submitted by BlackCat on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hello again
Although the iPhone SE2020 received good reviews, I heard from other users the battery life is not so good. The 8+ battery is excellent. After 2 years the percentage is %91. My dear Dad used my old iPhone 5C for 4 years and before that I had it for 2. Now the 5C is on it's last legs. My Dad loves the larger size phones and loves Apple to pieces. Hope the 11's battery life is not a disapointment.

Submitted by Matt on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hello. I have had my iphone 11 for about a month now, and I am very pleased with it. face Id was very easy to set up and works very well about 99 percent of the time. the new gestures which replace the home button are very easy to get used to as well, and now that I'm used to them they feel very fluid and smooth. Lastly, the battery life is very good, I average anywhere between 8 and 12 hours, depending on what I'm doing. If the 11 is what you can comfortably aford, I say go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Submitted by JC Alicea on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hi their,
I have had my iPhone 11 for 3 months now and it's absolutely awesome!! I had the 7 before, and loved it as well, but the 11 was the best upgrade I've ever made. processer is fast, apps run a lot faster, and the gestures are easy to learn with VoiceOver. and once iOS 14 comes out, this will be my first update ever on the 11. go for the 11. sure, it'll take a while to learn the new gestures, but they are easy to master.

Submitted by Austin Grace on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hello. I have had the iPhone 11 since the end of October. I would not recommend the SE 2020 to you either. the battery life will disappoint. Also the pro is overkill in my personal opinion. The 11 should be fine. :) A note about first set up of face ID. You will want to move your head in a clockwise direction or start the circle by moving your head to the right and go from there. I'm sorry if that is unclear. Voiceover does a good job of guiding you to set up the face ID. I don't miss the home button either. I had the 8 Plus myself. You will find the 11 battery is miles ahead of the 8 Plus. I was a huge face ID hold out as well. But it's not as bad as you may think. At least this is my experience.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Although I don't have the iPhone 11, I feel that I could recommend this model to you. The Face ID initial setup was much easier than I first thought. Just take your time, listen to the prompts and it will work. While turning your head to the different positions, it is a natural amount of movement, not some exaggerated amount of movement. During Face ID setup, the phone makes a humming noise, which aids in the setup. After I successfully set it up for the first time, I went back and did it again, just so I could get a better feel for the process. Also, I am of the opinion that, whenever I upgrade my iPhone, I purchase the very best my wallet will handle. this is in order to future proof myself as much as possible. I will forever miss the home button being on the face of the phone, but I haven't had any issues in adjusting either. The new set of gestures do not take much time in getting used to, either. I haven't personally heard or read anything regarding the iPhone SE 2020 model, but if battery issues are already being reported, then go for the iPhone 11. From a blind persons prospective, I wouldn't go for the pro model, either. I hope my two cents has helped you in your decision making process. I do not regret my XS purchase.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Sunday, June 21, 2020

So, I'm gonna take this from a kind of interesting approach. Let me start by saying a few things up front, and this is me doing some self-examination on my part from a personality standpoint. So, though I am tempted to allow my arrigance to take over, I'm gonna actually for once try to be very fair in this post, as much as I can be, whether I like it or not, so stick with me here.

I started, back in December of 2009 by getting an iPod Touch 3. I ab, suh, lootly? hated it! I mean, hated hated hated it! No camera, no internal microphone unless you used the earbuds that... I think? came with it? and don't even get me started on the internal speaker! It was aweful! How does this relate to the iPhone 11? I know I know I know, stick with me. Like I said, I promise I'm going somewhere with this.

In August of 2011, I got my first ever actual iPhone, not an iPod, but an iPhone. Much better speaker, obviously an internal microphone onboard, and just over all, a way better experience!

From this point, I kept upgrading when I could. I had the 4S, the 5, 5S, 6, 7, and then I did something significant. I jumped from the 7 Plus all the way to the 10. I did not ever have any form of the 8.

I give you this background to say, when I did jump to the 10, I wasn't really all that worried about the home key being absent. I actually was kind of excited about learning the new way of doing things.

I was a bit slightly concerned with the whole face ID thing, but it wound up not really being too big of a problem in the long run.

Here is why I give the background I gave, ultimately.

From the 10, I went up to the 10S. Honestly, I really didn't see any difference. Some people say that they do see a little improvement between the two... the 10 and the 10S, but I honestly didn't see anything. Apparently there is a bit of a faster processor, though I never saw this to be the case from a use/performance standpoint, and believe you me. I am a very very very heavy user. I've made my iPhones do things that most average non-advanced users probably would not think to do. I've ran developer beta seeds, I've run official iOS builds, I've ran public betas, I mean, you name it, I've done it all. I've even broken my mute switch off the logicboard. LOL! OK, I'm kidding on that last one, but, you get the idea. LOL! I've not broken my switch. I'm kidding! I may as well have though.

OK, so now, fast forward to January of this year. What enticed me to do this, I'll never know, but I was ready for another upgrade. My line was totally elligeable. So, I went to the carrier store of my provider, and swapped out my line from the 10S to an 11 Pro Max.

Again, really honestly, I didn't see much difference from the 10, to the 10S, nor did I see much from the 10S to the 11 PM.

A lot of people say "God! You don't see a difference with the back camera, being it's now a 3 lense widefaced camera?" Plus, it now supports 4K video?

I'll be real honest? No. Quite bluntly, I really don't notice that much. OK, let's again be real real fair here. I've kind of badmouthed Apple on some of my other Applevis posts, saying I was more an Android fanboy. In some ways, that is still very very true. I do in many ways prefer Android over Apple, and am super super unhappy with the way iOS has lately gone as far as bugs not getting squashed etc. I'm not gonna lie to you about that. Some of my observations might subconciously be based formed around that opinionated view. This is why I said, it's very tempting to have me hold a very biased opinion here, so I'm trying to really objectively hold back a bit here, and be just totally fair about this post.

That said, I'm not kidding when I say, I really don't see much difference. And it's not just the camera either. Audio quality is supposed to be better with the internal speakers in the 11/11 pro max. I might notice a very very very slight improvement, but it's nothing that has me just totally drewling over it. Yeah, they introduced the ability in the 11 series to support Dolby Atmos. Honestly, even with headphones which support it, I've bought a few movies through the iTunes Store, then watched them on my phone. I don't hear any difference at all, and no. there's no setting I know of you have to enable for that to work. It's supposed to just do it. And yes, the movie I tried with states flat out it supports it.

Again, from the 10, 10S, and 11 Pro Max, I've really not seen any improvement at all as far as speed. The 11 Pro Max might be slightly better on battery life, but again, even with incredibly heavy daily use, I'm not really finding that's it's that much different. Although, let's be fair. A lot of the time, when I'm not using the phone and it's on my desk or nightstand by my bed, I usually have it on the charger, so to be fair, I might not really notice it much, as I charge my phone so frequently. So your milage there may vary. I hear the battery is better, but I just don't think I can elaborate on that fairly, so I'd rather not try and give you misleading information.

Cosmetically, I will say that with the very low vision I have, the 11 Pro Max looks absolutely gorgeous! That, I will give Apple on a plus side. I got the midnight green, and love it! It looks really really classy/elogant!

My over all point being, going from the 7 series or before, yeah. You probably will see a fair difference. Especially, having more screen real estate because of no home button, which by the way, I do agree again with others that the new gestures are not that hard. They might take a little bit to get used to, but nothing too bad, I promise.

The other thing here worth noting is, if you grew to be a fan of 3D touch, also sometimes known as force touch, you're not going to have it with any of the models in the 11 series... they did away with it. The equivalent is now to one finger tripple tap on the item. Double tapping as usual activates the item, tripple tapping 3D touches it. So does double tapping and holding, sometimes known as long pressing, so if you like that feature, then that might be worth considering. That's not a Voiceover issue. That's a hardware thing physically.

So, yeah... IDK... Should you get the 11, or the 11 Pro/Pro Max? Ehh... IDK... It's hard to say. The thing too is, iOS 13 point anything was kind of a major botch up job. That's not me being biased... Apple themselves have even said so to a large extent. So, iOS 14 might be better. I'm hoping that it will be. I'm not sure what we'll see at that point improvement wise for the 11 series. I suspect we may see some really nice things, but it's just too early to know, and too many variables involved.

If you can afford an 11 of any kind, I'd do it. Yes. If for no other reason, you'll know you're getting the latest flagship of devices, well with the exception of the SE2, which again, as others say, I'd highly stay away from it it was me. They only have a 4 something odd inch screen, which is about the equivalent of an iPod Touch, or maybe an old iPhone 4/4S. Slightly bigger, yeah, but not significantly. The screen's pretty teeny.

I disagree entirely with the one poster who said the S E2 was about the same size as the plain 7. That's completely inaccurate! The SE2 is much smaller. Maybe it's the same nearly as just the original S E, but not the SE2. So, beware. I've seen both, so I should know.

the thing getting back to having the latest flagship though... latest and greatest doesn't always mean the best. It can, certainly, but not always.

The nice thing though is, you'll get support for much longer. I think the 7's are now considered to be legacy devices. I mean, they're technically still supported by Apple, but there's gonna soon come a point where the 7's and before won't even be touched anymore by Apple, just because they're so out of date. It doesn't make them a bad product. Don't get me wrong here. I'm just saying that they may not be serviceable much longer. In fact, I'm not entirely sure if or if not Apple still maintains replacement parts for those devices. Softwarewise, yeah, they probably will still support it for a while yet, but hardware... Yeah... I'm just, not sure, being boldly honest. I'd do it, if it were me, and I had the resources, but then, I'm weird like that. I'm an upgrade junky. I'm an early adopter. I see the newest gadget, and just *have* to have it right away, if I can.

Honestly, I've asked a lot of people in my area geographically what phone they have, and most either seem to have the 8, 8 Plus, or the 7/7 Plus. I don't find many with a 10 or later statistically speaking, but that could just be the demographics of my particular area here in South Carolina... who knows.

At the end of the day, my advice to you would be, get what works for you, not what's necessarily the latest trend/fad. You know, it's kind of like clothes. Levis are great. You don't necessarily need Tommy Hilfigger.

Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I hope I've been helpful. Feel free to comment back on this post, if you have any further questions for me.


Submitted by Bingo Little on Monday, June 22, 2020

Honestly, I read all about how the battery on the SE2020 is dreadful, and the fight back has to start somewhere! it isn't; it's fine. I'm not going to write something like 'this is only my opinion' or whatever because that should be obvious. anyway, I've been working solidly at my desk these past three hours and the iPhone has been an active participant in my workflow for most of that. i've been to two MS Teams meetings with video broadcasting, sent and checked a few emails, read my newspaper and gone through a couple of reports. I've also had a very angry half-hour conversation with a representative of Adobe. Battery was at 100% when first I sat down. At time of writing, we're down to 83% so that's jolly splendid, I think. In the normal course of things I will finish the day on something like 30% with normal use. I've never used the whole battery in one day before. sure, it's not great if you want to charge your iPhone about once a century, but if you're happy with charging it up, to quote from Halsey v. Esso Petrolium Co, "during the hours at which the reasonable man takes his rest", you'll be fine. I'm a big fan of Touch ID over Face ID, so this was a real USP for the new SE as far as I was concerned; and with the battery doing so splendidly too, I don't regret it. here's to the iPhone SE 2020 battery! cheers!

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Monday, June 22, 2020

Check youtube review on 11 iPhone. There are many. I have 11 pro max and I recharge it every 2 days. It is cool. Hope with iOS 14, it will be much better. However if you can wait, I heard 12 will about $600 or close.