Virtual sound card?

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi folks,
I have an app that will convert m4p files (like what you get with Apple Music,) to mp3. However, the problem I have is that speech completely disappears during file conversion. I am wondering if there is a type of virtual sound card I could set as default in mac os, while keeping voiceover coming through my actual speakers. I think this could solve my problem, again if voiceover can be routed to a different sound card.
In Windows there are freeware Virtual Audio Cable drivers out there that tend to work pretty well. But as it stands right now, if it wasn't for Braille support with my Focus 14, I would be in major trouble when conversion starts.



Submitted by Malthe on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

In VoiceOver utility>sound, you should be able to set VoiceOver to output to, say, "external headphones" instead of "system default".
This might solve your problem, as the app changing the audio device then won't affect VoiceOver.