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On the main weather gods screen where it shows the weather conditions for my city plus the next few days, as I'm swiping down I see something that sounds like it should be the word altitude but voiceover mispronounces it. Anyway the number that's given for this changes quite often so I'm wondering what this is? At first I thought it might possibly be feet above sea level because I live pretty close to the coast, but at times this number is 3 feet and at other times it's 33 feet, and I highly doubt my town is as much as 33 feet above sea level nor do I think it's as little as 3 feet above. Can anybody explain?



Submitted by Weather Gods (Scott) on Sunday, May 10, 2020

Hi Troy,

In Weather Gods it will be altitude and feet about sea level.

However, depending on where the location coordinates come from, can influence this value.

The most accurate is GPS, but sometimes, the device will defer to cell phone triangulation or using the ip of the broadband connection.

Depending on how the location is calculated can influence the coordinates and the altitude.

Feel free to send a feedback email and I can investigate further.


Submitted by Troy B on Monday, May 11, 2020

In reply to by Weather Gods (Scott)

Thanks Scott, I'll go into the app now and send you the coordinates that shows in weather gods on my phone.

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