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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I totally admit that this started out to be a selfish venture. just got my first Mac, and I was totally confused by how the items on the site were organized. That and I'm a total PC user, so I got out my trusty text editor and organized a list of what I thought I should listen to in the Podcasts area, organized the way I hoped I should listen. When I was done, I felt guilty, and thought I should share the list here. This is my totally uneducated stab, so please feel free to comment, and suggest corrections, plus by all means, help me be more selfish and learn the right things first, so i don't have to be too frustrated. Just half kidding. This list, now that I've had the mac for a short while, and reviewed it, is not in te order I would pick to learn things, but Here goes the list anyway. I may reorder it at some point, but I need to get back to learning how to use my Mac.


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Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'd say this is a very good list. I actually need to go back and review some of these things myself, and point a sister of mine in this direction. My only question is this. Have any of these been updated since they were first recorded? The only reason I ask is that various system updates have occurred since then, and some things may have changed. But having said all that, I've found the AppleVis podcast to be a wealth of information and hope it continues like this.

Submitted by Lauren Downie on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hi. Although this post is a few years old, I've found it very useful. I've just purchased a MacBook air and many of these podcasts will cover areas that I may need help with. The only issue is that many of the links seem to be broken. I've attempted to listen to multiple podcasts, only to find that the 'page cannot be found'. Are these podcasts still available, perhaps in a different location? I hope so as I'm sure I would find them really helpful.