New game for iOS: sphere

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I have found a new iOS game called Sears. It's by someone namedJerik. If I can never figure out exactly what I'm doing, I'll make a podcast about it. Basically, you bounce a ball around, and… Like I said, I haven't figured it all out. People that can see haven't had any better luck with that then I have though, so it's definitely accessible. Turn off voice over but when you start the game. There are two buttons on the screen, and they both make a sound when you click them. One is locked and says create, The other says start. Get your cited Franzen on this one. Maybe they can figure it out. As I said though it is accessible. It's also free, at least for now



Submitted by kaolin on Monday, March 18, 2013

non-accessible text at start of app: "The Sphere is an ambient Puzzle. You must bounce the Sphere off of the walls in order to pass each level. Once all 6 levels are solved you can create your own custom level through the "Create" page located on the starting screen. "When the Sphere contacts the correct wall of a level's solution a small spark will appear. "If the next wall produces a spark, then it is the next combination of the solution. "If there is no spark when striking a wall, then this is not the next step of the solution. "You must strike each wall in it's [sic] correct order to solve a level. If you strike an incorrect wall, you must start the solution again. "The Sphere's difficulty increases quite quickly. For your first level, try the following solution [graphic: 1: top, 2: right, 3: bottom; 4: left, and then maybe 1 again?]" The app is really rich in visuals (fractals and such), kind of clunky to "grab" the ball and throw it at the edges of the screen. At the beginning of each level it tells you how many "walls" you have to hit in order, in order to pass it.

I've been playing this and got to level 4. the way it works, I think, is that when you touch the right walls after starting a sequence, you hear the typical bounce sound. Touch a wrong one after starting, and you get the buzz. Awesome game, and I hope to be able to use the level creator. See you on level 30!