What about Mac, Iphone and new Orbit Reader Braille displays?

Braille on Apple Products

Hi again,
last week I read about the news Orbit REader Braille Displays, Orbit 20 Plus, and Orbit 40. I found some things really interesting and so, I am really exited and I would like to listen the presentations (I don't know if there are availables somewhere). As a Mac User, I would like to know if someone has some information about how these 2 new devices work with the Mac in order to transfer files as an usb device. And although I don't use it usually, what about pairing these devices with the Iphone?. Please, if you have some information about these devices (a part of the infos sent by the Orbit newsletter), it would be great!. Many thanks in advance.



Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Monday, March 16, 2020

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theese sound awesome. I would assume that they would not work. to transfer data, because Apple limites that functionality to Apple devices I beleave. as far as them working with the iPhone and Mac, I herd somewhere that they will use the exsisting drivers for Orbit displays.