RS Games client now available for macOS Catalina

Hello. As the subject says, I am glad to anonnce that the RS games client for 64 bit is avaylable. You can grab it from the developers website. I tested it on my Mac-book pro 2019 and I can confirm that is working. Happy gaming.


Can you Sekt a link

Is this a free app can I get it on my MacBook and. Can you put down a link

Well that depends.

Well that depends.
Do you have Catalina on your macbook?
Can you use google and figure stuff out for yourself?
Man people that need their hands held all the time anoy me to no end.
Its common sense.
Look it up.
Do something for yourself for once.

Excuse me I don’t know who

Excuse me I don’t know who your talking to like that but if I were you I would shut up and yes I got the newest MacBook update I was just asking for the download link and if it was free so what’s your deal

It might work but,

I went yesterday and it's the same software as they've had for years. I'm not convinced anything is new so I didn't download it. I guess the person maybe didn't expect it to work or something. I consider that abandonware along with the gameworld app from the diceworld devs. I'm glad it works for some, not interested though.


@4 what will happen if you will just send a small link? your hands will paralised when you will do that? what this user asked you? a milion? your house? he/she asked only 1 link. I don't get why you are like that. Not only you most of this comunity.

About the client

Hello there I went and downloaded the 64-bit version of the client and it does work When you start a game when you play the game that you started is a little slow but once you get going it’s fine

this client

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hello all,

when you go to the abobve link, it links to the downloads for all opperated. for Catalina, you have to scrole. select the link past where it says 64 bit.

Could someone explain me how to install the client?

Hi I'm new to MacOS and I have the last update but can't figure how to install the client. At the page of RS Games it says that just by coping the app file to the application folder, but then when I try to open it , a warning message tells me that the developer is not recognized and can't move forward.
Thanks in advance.

What is this?

What is this client? It's always helpful when OP contains a description of what is being referenced.



I’m at RS games

Hello wanted to say that to open it the client you had to go to system preferences and go to privacy and the lock the lock and then open the client it’s going to say that but Uber ride it and does it openI hope that is understandableb I hope that is understandable using dictation

A few questions

A few questions one how do I download this and two I went on the Apple Store and I read some reviews about this app and some of the reviews are not good is it worth downloading on my Mac and do you have to pay for each game

Error when trying to download a game

I downloaded The game but there is a error message saying the developer cannot be verified I did try the previous comment on system preferences does anybody know how to do the step I downloaded the 64 GB for the Mac


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hello all,

you only have to pay for games on iOS/iPadOSD. to get the rs games client open, first download it. then use control0option-shift-m to get to the context menu. select open. a worning will come up just press control-option-space on the open button.

Not having any luck

I’m still not able to get the app this is really annoying can someone please help what am I doing wrong

I don’t FaceTime

I don’t face time I really just need steps on how to do it and how is everyone doing it am I doing it incorrectly or is there something broke I’m contacting RS As well and it’s the same issue I’m doing it through the website and it’s nothing but issues trying to download it is there a easier way to go at this any help to getting this app on my Mac would be very appreciative my email is

how do I change the VoiceOver voice for the client

Hi, I was able to run de client but when I do so, my VoiceOver changes and as my system is in Spanish, the client loads a Spanish voice which in fact is not my default voice, and want to change it to an English one, but in the thing is that while running the client, I hear 2 voices, my usual VoiceOver voice and the voice for the client at the same time, this last one also in Spanish.

This doesn’t help your

This doesn’t help your question but I’m desperate to know how did you download the client onto your Mac? Any help would be really appreciate it I’ve been trying for four days now been asking Apple this and also the ours client on Twitter

more answers

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to change the voice the rs client uses go to system perferences?accessibility?speach and select your perfered voice from there. to open the rs games client, the first time there is a worning. then the second time you open it, of cojurse using control-option-shift-m and selecting the 'open'. if you need more help, just write more comments.

I’m trying to download it though

I’m just trying to download it now after it’s done downloading do I click on it from my download because it says it can’t be verified when do I control option shift M after it’s completed downloading if you can email me the steps that would really be helpful I’m just trying to get the app it’s been six days now


You can give me step-by-step directions on how you were doing it I’m downloading it to the website after it’s downloaded do I do option control shift I am on the download it just keeps saying application cannot be launched there’s no open option when I do control option shift them recess force quit

I’m downloading the link for the RS games website

On step directions on what I am doing I am downloading the RS games link to the website RS ones downloading I go to control option shit and then there’s a pop-up saying this app cannot be verified

The link or steps

I would really appreciate if somebody can give me steps on how you guys downloaded the link I have done everything that was needed when I did control option shift then m me that this app cannot be verified as well as there’s no open I’m running the newest update Am I suppose to do something to the system Preferences I’ve done it several times downloading it through the. Website and doing control option shift m judge tells me this app can’t be verified Please help I’ve been going at this link for 7 days now I would really like to know how you guys are downloading it if you are successful doing it And from what I’ve been reading so far a lot of you are using it so can you please tell me how you’re doing it if you don’t want to comment on this forum please email me privately my email is Emily Chia thank you I would really appreciate it

Thank you

Okay thabk you I really appreciate it I just need someone to help or explain to me how to get the app I just dint understand what is going on thank you


??? I’m trying to get this app downloaded by tonight on my Mac

Some advice

There used to be an email list to discuss matters relating to the JAWS screen reader. That email list is no longer around, but some words from its creator, David Ferrin, that I feel may be relevant to this situation remain, and here they are:

[…] asking the list for exact instructions every time is not a good thing to do for a major reason. It creates a dependency situation even if you don't realize it does. The ideal place I am hoping the list will arrive at some day is that everybody no matter how new they might happen to be with JAWS or computers will have the confidence to try things on their own, and yet feel if they get stuck the list will be there to help put them back on track. Trust me when I say that help is quicker to arrive for somebody who is well known to ask for it last than first. So try it yourself first whatever it is. If you get stuck then let the list know what you've done to try and resolve your current dilemma. Then I'm sure help will arrive with in short order.

While you may not be familiar with downloading and installing third-party apps on macOS, your prolific posting on AppleVis indicate that you have some familiarity with using the internet. Your earlier questions about where to download the client from and the cost of the games could have been found by googling “RS Games”, which would have led you to the RS Games website, which would have had answers to those questions and any others you might have had.

Your current dilemma about how to download and install the client could also be resolved with a Google search. When I search Google for “download third-party apps on macOS Catalina”, I see many tutorials in both text and video format. While these may not be from the perspective of a VoiceOver user, with trial and error you could probably work it out, and if you were still having difficulty, I am sure that, just as David Ferrin’s message says, people would be more willing to help you if they knew that you had tried to resolve the situation yourself first. You describe your problems in a very vague manner, and it is much easier for people to help with a specific issue than if someone simply says that they are having a problem that needs to be resolved.

Finally, you appear to be using dictation to write your messages. It is possible that another reason that people are not offering you the help you have requested is that they simply can’t understand what you are saying as you do not vocalize punctuation, and it is difficult for screen reader users to understand messages that are not punctuated correctly.

I understand what you mean

Get what you’re saying but I have been trying on my own for six days now I have been doing my research been on YouTube and their website it just gives you the links in the link is the thing that’s making all the problems happen anything anything on YouTube it doesn’t relate to what I need and I don’t think asking for help does not make are you capable of doing things because I am very capable of technology but I am a new Mac user and I have not had the proper training on my math work so I don’t think asking for help as a bad thing at all and you posting this does not help me at all it just creates more frustration and I don’t need it at this point being able to download a link to play a game should be easy right or else Lily it’s not so I would love for you to find a game but you have no clue about and try to delegate yourself see how far you get

Here's the trick

Hi there! I just downloaded it myself, both to try out the new version, and also to see if I could help you figure out the problem you're having when installing it.
Here's the trick: When you've moved the app file to the Applications folder, don't open it as you normally would the first time. Instead do a VO+Shift+M on the file to open it's comtext menu, and select Open at the top of that menu. Then you'll get a prompt that says something like MacOS can't confirm the developer and you open this at your own risk, or something in that direction. Just ignore whatever the warning says and hit the Open button on this popup, and you're in!
This usually only is a one-time thing just to allow the app to open despite of MacOS not being able to confirm the validity of the app, so next time you can open it as you would open every other app in the Applications folder. Good luck :)

Thank you

Thank you finally someone that is useful LOL the thing that was trying to move into the application folder I can never get to my application folder but I will try your way right now one trick I did find one opening it and security and privacy I was able to open it but it warned me about us your MacBook might be in risk can you do it that way or probably not

OK so I downloaded it and I

OK so I downloaded it and I did what you told me to do but there’s no open it says open downloads then it goes into a folder

I am in the game

Thank you so much for helping me I got in finally I really appreciate your help


Hmm... That's wierd...
So when first downloading it, it should land in your Downloads folder by default.
Open the Downloads folder in Finder by hitting Cmd+Option+L. Once in the downloads folder, navigate to the file named, or only RSG if you haven't turned on "Show all file extensions" in Finder options.
Once on the file, hit Cmd+C to copy it.
Then, hit Cmd+Shift+A to open your Applications folder.
Once you're inside the Applications folder, hit Cmd+Option+V to move the copied file to this location.
When it's done, find the RSG file in the Applications folder, you can usually find it pretty quick just by typing the letter R.
Once the file is selected, hit VO+Shift+M on it to open the comtext menu, and then activate Open at the top of the menu.
This should bring up a popup where you can locate an Open button by doing VO+right arrow several times. If you find the Open button, activate it and you should be all good.
If this fails, you should be able to find the file under blocked applications requests in System Preferences > Security > General tab. You might need to unlock the lock at the bottom to be able to confirm that you want to allow this app to run.
If this also fails, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas at the moment. For me it just worked after hitting the Open option in the comtext menu of the file.
Hope this helps :)

Oh, great!

That's great news! Sorry, I didn't see your last comment before posting my last reply! :)
Nice to hear that it all worked out for you! You're welcome! Happy playing! :)

I was able to download it

Yes I saw it but it was in my junk but honestly it did not help at all but another member on here helped me out with the process and I was able to download the link successfully but now I’m having trouble resetting my password the link won’t work I tryed doing it from the browser and it said it’s not available anymore I know my user name but the forgot password is broke so I can’t log on any help would be appreciated

try emailing

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try emailing they also have a Twitter account @rsgames I believe. failing that, create a new account.