Blind Quest: The Enchanted Castle is available now!

Welcome Wayfarer!

Your journey in the world of Blind Quest begins NOW!
We are releasing our new audiogame today!

Check out the new release trailer!

Blind Quest is a fantasy role-playing game where you will guide Nathan the mercenary in an epic adventure across the lands of Aetherna.
The Enchanted Castle of King Alen is invaded by ghosts. His daughter, Helen, is in search of a hero who can defeat this supernatural menace and only Nathan, a solitary mercenary, dares to help her.
Explore incredible locations such as the Desert of Sarteras and the Dungeons of Curigos and other 50 maps in 10 different scenarios to explore and interact with!
More than 20 enemies to face in an engaging turn-based combat system! Battle against terrible foes like the Necromancer, the Crystal Dragon and many more!
With 3 or more hours of gameplay and a high level of replayability Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle is a true fantasy epic!

Save the reign of Reldia and princess Helen! Become a LEGEND!
Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle is available on February 6, 2020, at 4.90€ with a special launch discount of 20%!
For the release week, Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle will have a special discount!
From 13 February, 2020 Blind Quest will return at his standard pricing, 5.90€.

Follow the link for the store page of Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle on!



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Just was wondering what the pricing would be in North america.

battle sounds

the battle sounds is not good!
hopefully the next update will get it better


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If this converter is accurate, then @Blaine the conversion is $5.372 USD for the discount price and $6.467 for the regular game price. Sorry I did guess that technically it would be $5.38 for the discunt price and $6.47 for the regular game price.

Mac App Store

Is this game also available for the Mac App Store? How can I get this game? If I get this game would I be able to use magic and cast spells?

It's a shame

This company has turned its back on iOS it seem. I have purchased all their iOS apps, but now I will not be able to support them anymore.

Hello! I purchased the game

Hello! I purchased the game a few days ago, I still haven't received the email with the code and the link to download it. My name is Antonio Cotugno and my email is alleluja81 @ icloud'com. I would also like to know if the game is also in Italian. Thank you! Otherwise I would like to refund the purchase.

email receipt

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check your spam folder. I've purchaced this and other games from this compony, and the email they sent me for the first game I purchased ended up in my spm folder.

how do I activate this game?

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I can't activate this game. it won't let me paist my regastration code in. any suggestions?

activate this game?

copy the code to and then when you heard a gentlemen telling you:
"please enter the...something"
just press control V and press enter.
it works for me.


I'm here again

Hi everyone!
Thank you for all your feedbacks. We are currently working on a new update!

To everyone who has problem with the activation: write an email to

The iOS Version is Here!

Just for those of you whom were asking, the iOS version of the game has been released as of today.

It's about $6.99 CAD.

I've taken the leap and purchased it to see how good it is. From what I hear, it's a decent game, but we'll check it out and see.